Panchgani Hill Stationi Municipal Council

About Panchgani Hill Stationi Municipal Council

    In December 2016, the latest Municipal Council consisting of The President & seventeen members were elected by the people of Panchgani. The present President is Mrs. Laxmi Karhadakar & The Vice President is Mr. Vinod Biramane.The civic amenities in the municipal area are provided by the municipal council. The council generates funds for the developmental activities through internal (taxation, duties etc.) and external (government grants and loans) resources. The minicipality ensures the implementation of Building Control Rules and Development Control Regulations. The building plans are approved by the Town Planning Department, Satara.

    The tar road network was completed in Panchgani in 1968. The maintenance of these roads is of utmost priority given the heavy rains received. Presently, road projects worth nearly Rs. 4 crores are underway. The water scheme was started in 1968-69. Presently the water supply is entirely handled by Maharashtra Jee

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